Student Comments

There are greats like James Binnion, Cynthia Eid, Alan Revere, Raymond Yazzie, Richard Chavez, Michael Sturlin, Steve Shelby, and James Miller to name a few that I would love to apprentice under and absorb information like a sponge if ...
Pat Pruitt -

Thanks for a really great week. My head is still buzzing! Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement.
-Carole Lockwood

I've been working metal for 25 odd years now, and have *built* hydraulic presses, and I learned a bunch from her when I took one of her workshops.
-Brian Meek.

The workshop was everything I'd hoped and then some. I'm so happy to have had the opportunity.  My work has greatly expanded its horizons.
-Hans Rohrer

It was a great workshop. Thank you for all your very good teaching.  Working for three days reinforced learning and re-learning new skills. It was wonderful to work with so many enthusiastic people.
-Corinne Steigerwald

Oh yes, a great class! I have been folding metal like crazy now that I "get" it! Thanks for all your wonderful teaching!
-Roberta Warshaw

The workshop was inspiring.  I had a blast!  You are a wonderful teacher and I consider myself lucky to have had the time with you.  I will be back for more.
-Karen Karon

Although I tend to use the Argentium a lot these days I still did not know the character of the metal so much. So I have to say that I have learned a lot about it from you on the day. You've really convinced me to stick with the metal!! Bye-bye to the normal sterling!!

-Hiromi Suter

Thanks so much for giving the workshop Cynthia! I enjoyed it immensely. You covered a multitude of info and techniques.
-Flora Walters