Cynthia Eid's metalwork has won awards for creativity and design, exhibited internationally, and has been featured in many publications.

Currently an independent metalsmith and educator, she is a Jeweler and Silversmith near Boston, Massachusetts USA. Cynthia earned her Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewellery Design from Indiana University in 1980 and has a B.S. in Art Education. After this formal education, she attended the "school of hard knocks" while working two years in custom jewelry galleries, and 3 years in a gold jewelry factory.

Whether using hammers and stakes or a hydraulic press, Cynthia’s sculptural jewelry and hollowware shows her focus on exploring the fluidity with which metal can be moved, formed, and joinedCynthia co-authored the book Creative Metal Forming with Betty Helen Longhi. Having worked with Argentium Silver since 1999, Eid’s participation in the development of AS has brought her recognition as a Pioneer by Argentium International, Ltd. Cynthia enjoys helping to develop tools for jewelers and metalsmiths, working with Knew Concepts and Bonny Doon, as well as with Betty Helen Longhi and Brian Meek to develop a set of 4 anticlastic stakes.   Cynthia Eid's metalwork has won awards for creativity and design, been featured in many publications, and been exhibited internationally.